Cains Plumbing Service is a family owned and run company

here for all your plumbing needs

With over 37 years experience we specialise in...

- General plumbing and drainage

- Gas plumbing and gas fitting

- Remodelling bathrooms kitchens and laundries

- All roof and gutter work


Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations -Install gas appliances, plumb in coffee machine and fridge, all general plumbing

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All Roof and Gutter work , downpipes, roof vents

P1030719 (640x480)

Bathroom Renovations-Basins, toilets, spa bath installation

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Toilet installation and repairs

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Laundry Renovations- plumb in washing machines, laundry tub replacement or repair, taps changed or repaired

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Gas Hot Water Heaters-Replace and repairs

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Although based in The Gap we service a wide range of suburbs......

Albion 4010

Alderley 4051

Arana Hills 4054

Ascot 4007

Ashgrove 4060

Aspley 4034

Bellbowrie 4070

Brookfield 4069

Enogerra 4051

Everton Hills 4053

Everton Park 4053


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Ferny Grove 4055

Ferny Hills

Gordon Park 4031

Grange 4051

Herston 4006

Jamboree Heights 4074

Jindalee 4074

Kedron 4031

Kelvin Grove 4059

Kenmore Hills 4069

Keperra 4054




Lutwyche 4030

McDowall 4053

Middle Park 4074

Mitchelton 4053

Moggill 4070

Newmarket 4051

Paddington 4064

Petrie Terrace 4000

Pullenvale 4069

Red Hill 4059

Riverhills 4074


Rosalie 4064

South Brisbane 4101

Spring Hill 4000

Stafford 4053

Sumner Park 4074

The Gap 4061

Upper Brookfield 4069

Wavell Heights 4012

Westlake 4074

Wilston 4051

Windsor 4030


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"I can not thank you enough for rescuing me in my time of need.  Your fast, efficient response to my disastrous shovel through a pipe accident was greatly appreciated.  If only my pride was so easily fixed!" Monica, Bardon

"I would recommend you to everyone! The building is heritage listed and the fittings were not up to scratch.  Your advice was invaluable to our overall renovation." Peter, New Farm

"As usual you have outdone yourself! Thank you so much for your top quality service" Rachel, Ashgrove

 "The hose under the bathroom basin burst off during the night, flooding our home.  We phoned Nic who remembered from previous visits where the tap was to turn off the water to the house.  The next day he then came out and did the repair.  Peace of mind after speaking with him.  Couldn't recommend him more highly" Fran, The Gap


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