What makes us different?


Cains Plumbing is a family business, locally owned and operated, so every customer is important to us.  We aim to grow and maintain long term customer relationships.  Our customer base consists of residential, commercial, real estate and corporate clients.


When you call, you will be speaking directly to me, Nic Cains, and I will follow your job through from the first phone contact to the completion of your job.


We think outside the box when assessing your plumbing needs.  We look at each job from your perspective and how your plumbing issues fit within your overall building plan.  We'll choose the most cost effective and efficient solution for you.


We find we are often fixing work done by others who were too short sighted to see the real problem at hand and only provided a bandaid service.


Because of our knowledge and experience we know how these buildings were built, where the likely position of pipes etc would be and that gives us insight to help us manage your plumbing problem.


We always try to be kind to the environment in all our work and use the most sustainable materials available.


Our customers tell us that we are efficient, affordable and we can be relied upon to get the job done.

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leaking stormwater Windsor ,
repair stormwater Alderley ,
repair stormwater Arana Hills ,
repair stormwater Ashgrove ,
repair stormwater Aspley ,
repair stormwater Bellbowrie ,
repair stormwater Enogerra ,
repair stormwater Everton Hills ,
repair stormwater Everton Park ,
repair stormwater Ferny Grove ,
repair stormwater Ferny Hills ,
repair stormwater Gordon Park ,
repair stormwater Grange ,
repair stormwater Herston ,
repair stormwater Jamboree Heights ,
repair stormwater Jindalee ,
repair stormwater Kedron ,
repair stormwater Kelvin Grove ,
repair stormwater Kenmore Hills ,
repair stormwater Keperra ,
repair stormwater Lutwyche ,
repair stormwater McDowall ,
repair stormwater Middle Park ,
repair stormwater Mitchelton ,
repair stormwater Moggill ,
repair stormwater Newmarket ,
repair stormwater Paddington ,
repair stormwater Petrie Terrace ,
repair stormwater Red Hill ,
repair stormwater Riverhills ,
repair stormwater South Brisbane ,
repair stormwater Sth Brisbane ,
repair stormwater Rosalie ,
repair stormwater Spring Hill ,
repair stormwater Stafford ,
repair stormwater Sumner Park ,
repair stormwater The Gap ,
repair stormwater Upper Brookfield ,
repair stormwater Wavell Heights ,
repair stormwater Westlake ,
repair stormwater Wilston ,
repair stormwater Windsor ,
faulty drainage Alderley ,
faulty drainage Arana Hills ,
faulty drainage Ashgrove ,
faulty drainage Aspley ,
faulty drainage Bellbowrie ,
faulty drainage Enogerra ,
faulty drainage Everton Hills ,
faulty drainage Everton Park ,
faulty drainage Ferny Grove ,
faulty drainage Ferny Hills ,
faulty drainage Gordon Park ,
faulty drainage Grange ,
faulty drainage Herston ,
faulty drainage Jamboree Heights ,
faulty drainage Jindalee ,
faulty drainage Kedron ,
faulty drainage Kelvin Grove ,
faulty drainage Kenmore Hills ,
faulty drainage Keperra ,
faulty drainage Lutwyche ,
faulty drainage McDowall ,
faulty drainage Middle Park ,
faulty drainage Mitchelton ,
faulty drainage Moggill ,
faulty drainage Newmarket ,
faulty drainage Paddington ,
faulty drainage Petrie Terrace ,
faulty drainage Red Hill ,
faulty drainage Riverhills ,
faulty drainage South Brisbane ,
faulty drainage Sth Brisbane ,
faulty drainage Rosalie ,
faulty drainage Spring Hill ,
faulty drainage Stafford ,
faulty drainage Sumner Park ,
faulty drainage The Gap ,
faulty drainage Upper Brookfield ,
faulty drainage Wavell Heights ,
faulty drainage Westlake ,
faulty drainage Wilston ,
faulty drainage Windsor ,
repair sewer Alderley ,
repair sewer Arana Hills ,
repair sewer Ashgrove ,
repair sewer Aspley ,
repair sewer Bellbowrie ,
repair sewer Enogerra ,
repair sewer Everton Hills ,
repair sewer Everton Park ,
repair sewer Ferny Grove ,
repair sewer Ferny Hills ,
repair sewer Gordon Park ,
repair sewer Grange ,
repair sewer Herston ,
repair sewer Jamboree Heights ,
repair sewer Jindalee ,
repair sewer Kedron ,
repair sewer Kelvin Grove ,
repair sewer Kenmore Hills ,
repair sewer Keperra ,
repair sewer Lutwyche ,
repair sewer McDowall ,
repair sewer Middle Park ,
repair sewer Mitchelton ,
repair sewer Moggill ,
repair sewer Newmarket ,
repair sewer Paddington ,
repair sewer Petrie Terrace ,
repair sewer Red Hill ,
repair sewer Riverhills ,
repair sewer South Brisbane ,
repair sewer Sth Brisbane ,
repair sewer Rosalie ,
repair sewer Spring Hill ,
repair sewer Stafford ,
repair sewer Sumner Park ,
repair sewer The Gap ,
repair sewer Upper Brookfield ,
repair sewer Wavell Heights ,
repair sewer Westlake ,
repair sewer Wilston ,
repair sewer Windsor ,
leaking sewer Alderley ,
leaking sewer Arana Hills ,
leaking sewer Ashgrove ,
leaking sewer Aspley ,
leaking sewer Bellbowrie ,
leaking sewer Enogerra ,
leaking sewer Everton Hills ,
leaking sewer Everton Park ,
leaking sewer Ferny Grove ,
leaking sewer Ferny Hills ,
leaking sewer Gordon Park ,
leaking sewer Grange ,
leaking sewer Herston ,
leaking sewer Jamboree Heights ,
leaking sewer Jindalee ,
leaking sewer Kedron ,
leaking sewer Kelvin Grove ,
leaking sewer Kenmore Hills ,
leaking sewer Keperra ,
leaking sewer Lutwyche ,
leaking sewer McDowall ,
leaking sewer Middle Park ,
leaking sewer Mitchelton ,
leaking sewer Moggill ,
leaking sewer Newmarket ,
leaking sewer Paddington ,
leaking sewer Petrie Terrace ,
leaking sewer Red Hill ,
leaking sewer Riverhills ,
leaking sewer South Brisbane ,
leaking sewer Sth Brisbane ,
leaking sewer Rosalie ,
leaking sewer Spring Hill ,
leaking sewer Stafford ,
leaking sewer Sumner Park ,
leaking sewer The Gap ,
leaking sewer Upper Brookfield ,
leaking sewer Wavell Heights ,
leaking sewer Westlake ,
leaking sewer Wilston ,
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